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About Copyright

For all the information on the Site are subject to copyright held by the National Livestock Breeding Center unless any special mention is posted, So,to use any of the following contents is prohibited. If you would like to use these,please be sure to report the place to use. Without permission of the National Livestock Breeding Center, to change all of the contents or a part of ones is prohibited (If you inquiry to the National Livestock Breeding Center,please access to the National Livestock Breeding Center(Japanese) ) "

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About Linking

Anyone linking to the Beef Traceability Service must comply with the following.

  1. There are the case we change address without a previous notice
  2. The establisher of the website linking to the Site must peruse all of the notice posted on the Site, understand the purposes and character of the Service, and take into consideration to notify your users of those.
  3. Although permission for linking is unnecessary,we may request removal of your link in case where any inappropriate contents is found on your website linking to the Site.